So many times, throughout sports history and history in general, we tend to give the GOAT title to a person who was dominant at their craft first. That’s why Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, and Michael Jordan are regarded as the GOATs for their respective sports. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are considered two of the greatest presidents while Richard Pryor is hailed as the best comedian to have ever lived.  This logic needs to change. 

Yes, MJ was the GOAT for two decades, just like people considered (and still do) Bill Russell the greatest until Kareem, Magic, and MJ came along. The conversation about the greatest to ever do it doesn’t stop with one transcendent basketball player; rather, we should be allowed to pass the proverbial torch from one player to the next.  It is time for us to pass that torch from Michael Jordan to LeBron James.


Let’s be real people, LeBron James is bigger, faster, stronger, and more unguardable than Jordan. Though sporadic at times, he’s been a better three point shooter, post player, and passer than Jordan.  The intangible that LeBron James has that stands out from Jordan is his ability to elevate his teams and teammates. Whether he was with the woeful 2007 Cavs team that he somehow managed to carry to the Finals, or whether he went up 2-1 on Golden State without Kyrie or K-Love, James plays to the strengths of his teammates and makes them better. That’s a major key for me.

This is a conversation that will never end, but I want my logic to be considered anytime we discuss whether someone is a GOAT or not. Enough with the Joe Montana being 4-0 in Super Bowls bologna, because Tom Brady is simply better than him.  Enough with Tupac or Biggie being hailed at the greats, because Kendrick Lamar has arrived and isn’t going anywhere.  And enough with Michael Jordan being 6-0 in Finals and beating Angola with the Dream Team, because LeBron James is the Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time…for now.